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Jealous or insecure?

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  • Jealous or insecure?

    Ok I will get straight to the point, one of my male friend started liking me and my one of my female friend noticed this but she didn't mention this in front of me since she wasn't sure some 6 months later my friend said something about liking me and I took it as a joke, I mentioned this in front of my female friend and she said she has noticed it before and then she talked to him about this and he confessed that he likes me a lot and is thinking of proposing me. She told me everything he said and we decided to kept it as a secret that I know everything about what he told her, however after half a month or a month she started acting strange she would get angry at whatever he said and started avoiding him they were really good friends before so it was bit of a shock for all of us, she said that she doesn't like how he jokes around (we all do that!) and then one day when I got up to go home he got up as well as his friends were calling him she got sarcastic again that he stood up as soon as I stood up and one of our another friend told us that she said something like "if they are such good friends then let them be" in angry tone (we (she and me) had a fight that day over something), we all are doing job now and they rarely talk to each other only on occasions or may be after months or so. I'm really confused that what exactly is her problem? I feel like she feel left out?

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    Re: Jealous or insecure?

    I can see that there is a love triangle developing here. Your friend has a secret feelings also to the one you like. It is better to talk to her and see what will be the good things to settle so that you will be still friend with her. Do not get into a relationship when there is other person hurt.