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  • I would like some advice

    Hey Everyone!

    So there's this girl that I've been friends with for about a year and for a few months I liked her. We used to literally hangout every single from this past August until October. Then things kinda went wrong. Usually when things went wrong they were all my fault and to this day still are. I've learned that in being friends with her, alcohol was/is my worst enemy and it seems like we are always in constant competition. In October of last year I finally let it all out how I felt about her and how much I loved and cared about her. However, I also made the mistake of saying I still like her a little and since then, things have never been the way they used too. Usually on the weekends I'd go over to her house and hangout with her, her brothers, and her brothers friends. After the incident in October I had with her she immediately began to flock to one of her brothers friends (I was friends with her brothers before I was her) and I got jealous, but I think I was more upset than anything. Well this past weekend it really climaxed. Now I'm the type of person that bottles everything up and keep(s) it to myself. This past weekend I drank with her and I blacked out. I found out later that I had belligerently and obnoxiously accused her of wanting to fuck one of her brothers friends and then when she would try to defend herself, I would proceed to call her a bitch for denying it. She also came into the room I was sleeping in and found me with my pants off. I'm by means no impressive specimen, trust me. But anyways the next day her brothers had to do school work so me and her sat in their room and watched movies for about 4 or 5 hours and were just laughing, talking and getting along. Anyways, the next day I noticed she had blocked me on twitter and ignored my text asking why she did so. The day after that she blocked and removed me from friends on Facebook and blocked my twitter account I'm using for my music endeavors. Now I did apologize for it and I was again ignored. But the whole reason I was attacking her is because she never really gave me a chance to be her friend again and inside that mentally destroyed me because that's all I wanted. Especially since I just had to stop being friends with my best friends because they let drugs begin to rule them and it was running into my life too. But she knows this and she knows that she was my last best friend and a few weeks before apologized for treating me terribly and telling me how much she valued the friendship she had with me. I guess the thing is I'm confused and upset about it because it just really feels like I don't have anyone any more and I slowly approaching my wits end. What should I do to combat the problem?

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    Re: I would like some advice

    You've apolgized for your behaviour so now is the time for you to back off and with any luck, she will forgive you for what you did when you were drunk and you actually had the nerve (because of the alcholol) to tell her how you feel about her, which of course is that you want her for more than a platonic friend but she's never giving you more than plastonic friendship. Your jealousy is the proof of that.

    You know, it isn't easy to realize this right now because you can't see the forest for the trees but her never contacting you again is probably the best thing that could happen to you. You need to be free of her so you can find a girlfriend that is more than just a platonic friend who you have an unreciprocated crush on.

    Work on you by being the best you that you can be.. through sports, or working out or your studies or hobbies and let them forgive you on their own time. If they never do? Well when one door closes, another ALWAYS opens up to something far better. (as long as you have the right and positive attitude about it).
    "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!


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      Re: I would like some advice

      Thank you for the advice, it's very much appreciated. She did contact me but only with a picture of her and the guy I accused her of wanting to have sex with. I know she did it strictly to spite me and was literally trying to be tough shit when I wasn't even in the slightest sense being mean. But oh well, the only reason I have stayed friends with her for as long as I did is because my two best friends used to be friends with her and they made her out to be this terrible person and I wanted to disprove that. However, this situation just proves that she is really the person they told me she was. And I use music as an outlet to vent my emotions