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Married Girl I know seeing married dude

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  • Married Girl I know seeing married dude

    So I am feeinds with this girl who us married and her husband and her agreed to give each other a free cheat card since they never been with anybody else their whole life. They been 10 years now. So this dude whobis married and about to have kid number 2 anyday told her he wants her and she had never had anybody else tell her that other than her they flirt and sext and she told her husband who said to you for it and get apparently thought it would be hot. So she gave him a BJ and her husband was ok and not ok with it. But the thing is this other guy's wife treats you like a prisoner and other shit so my friend told him to tell her no and to let him be himself and shortly after he told her he wants her. Then they keep talking and sexting for a few weeks after and then thus dude corners her and they make out, but my friend had decided to stop things and pulled away from him, but before she did he said I love you. Now my girl got little freaked cause thus was supposed to just be a one time fling. So she thinks it was just heat of the moment but later that day during lunch thus dude overhears part of a convo she is having with her hubby on the phone and asks her hey is everything ok with you and your man? Also this dude said he thinks about her everyday and has tried to take her to lunch and stuff. Also this dude got jealous when another dude gave her money for something and thought something was up and to top it off he asked her to stop mentioning her husband name when he is italking to her. So I say this dude is REALLY into her and she said she thinks it was just a heat if the moment thing.

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    Are you the husband? Are you the married man?

    If not, it's really none of your business and you should stay out of it.
    She's a grown woman. Let her fix her own mess.
    You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf


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      Yes, it's a heat of the moment thing. Tell your friend if she can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen. Why was her husband "ok and not ok" with the bj?


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        Well he us ok cause he said it was ok for her to do it but now he feels inadequate and like he isn't enough for her. He feels like he doesn't make her feel desirable and she doesn't lust for him. But funny thing is that after this went down they ended up connecting like never before and they have had non stop sex and such since then like early in their marriage, when before yhe last few years they mayve did it like once ir twice a month and were treating each other like roommates. Silver lining is that they have finally talked about alot if things that he wasn't willing to talk about berire and such and she was finally able to get him to listen to all the problems she has been trying to get him to recognize and he has finally told her husband true feelings and he said he is sorry for all the emotional abuse and finally let out his pent-up emotions.


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          Boogiedude, you ought to consider some counseling for yourself to overcome your insecurity and inadequacy issues. Otherwise your wife's adventure is going to gnaw at you for a long time.