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Partner broke it off with me

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  • Partner broke it off with me

    Hi all !
    My girldriend of 7 months broke off with me 2 weeks ago , we had everything going for us shared the same hobbies etc . Anyway due to work stress I became a bit depressed and withdrawn , sometimes snapping at her if Iíd had a bad day in work .. up until 2 days ago she maintained she loved me , misses me still fancies me and if she could be granted a wish that weíd be happy sheíd give it another go (obviously no one knows that ) but canít see me changing , iv been to the doctors heís given me tablets to help deal with the stress . stupidly on the weekend I had a few drinks and ended up phoning her basically pleading with her to have me back , substantially sheís blocked my phone number so I have no contact at all .
    im really need some advice ,
    Is it possible that having no contact may make her miss me and revaluate what we had and contact me and try and work thing Iíd say we had more good times than bad . I really need to know if trying to contact her or just leaving her alone is the best option , I feel the urge to contact her but worry this will just push her away.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated as Iím at my whitts end

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    The fact that you've maintained contact over the past 2 weeks was a big mistake.
    She now made the first move trying to fix that mistake by blocking you. You don't see it now, but you should thank her for that.
    She's doing you both a favor.

    You need to move on and transition into a life that doesn't involve her - in any way whatsoever.
    Block her right back, delete her from social media and don't contact her again. Then you can let the actual healing begin.
    You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf


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      So the chances are she wonít get back in touch ? As the damage thatís been done is irreversible??


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        You didnít turn to her when things got tough. Instead she became a nuisance to you. And you to her.
        She as Ayla said has done you both a favour by blocking you.

        You phoned her while drunk but didnít care to phone her pre alcohol. She was an after thought .
        She knows that. And you were subsequently blocked.

        No contact is and never should be an attempt to play with anotherís mind.
        What it actually is , is a way of fast forwarding the grieving process. Thatís what she is doing and what you should do too.

        What medication were you given ? And does it say not to mix with alcohol?


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          I'm more concerned about your stress levels related to your work. Is this temporary or due to a long term work situation? I think you should handle your stress levels a bit better and find more appropriate means of letting off steam. Getting drunk or drunk-dialing an ex isn't one one them. You mentioned you feel depressed and down. Those are red flags that your body/mind isn't handling a situation well and it's your signal to deal with that situation head on instead of becoming deluded by relationship problems which are only a symptom of the main problem.


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            I am sorry for the turnout of events in your life, Iash101. I agree with Rose Mosse that the work stress might be the root source of all these because as you said you have become a bit depressed and withdrawn. So the last few weeks, she saw the negative and that is what she likely remembers. And she will not miss you until you show a new restored you. Get some help and also learn to leave your work at work and find some way to de-stress before you go home. For some people exercise does the job, walking or a little nap. Stay away from alcohol. When you are back to the old self maybe you can reconnect. Donít beg, let her see the restored you, the guy she fell in love with.


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              Thank you drstrange!
              this seems very good advice ,iv made some positive changes to my life in the last few days put plans in place to step down to a less stressful job started back cycling and eating healthier . She said to me many times she just wanted the Ian she first met back .im unsure if sheíll ever come back but figured my best chance is to give her space if she Gets in Touch ID happily discuss the possibility of giving it another go , if she dosnt then I guess thatís the what life had planned for us .


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                Well thank you, Iash101. I hope things get better. I do want to give credit that all who responded gave good advice and whatever I said, I just built on the advice of Rose Mosse. I just hope that you have good news for us on your next post.


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                  Thank you for your advice everyone iv taken it all on board no good news Iím afraid weíve had no contact for 6 days now , itís hurting me so bad but I guess I just have to deal with it and look forward ..the weekends are the worst as this is the time weíd be out enjoying or hobbies , hiking etc
                  once again thanks x