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  • Problem with a girl

    Hi, I am a 14 years old guy from France and I wanted to know something.
    So recently I texted, called and was seeing a girl that I really liked but the problem is that shes bestfriend with my ex that deeply broke my heart.
    And today I heard that my ex kept saying mean things and lies to my crush and she ended up stopping the call and texted me on instagram saying "Listen, I don't if your thinking about stuff happening between us because for me the 2 of us wont work toferger but your my friend you know that, but we're sending hearts as friends just for fun you see, and I heard ( my ex said that ) that you don't move fast when you are in a relationship and I don't like that."

    I wanted to mention that my relationship with my ex lasted 1 day because we were in precouple for 2 months but couldn't see each other since there was summer vacation.
    Also my crush already friendzoned me a bit but 2 days later she invited me for next saturday ( didn't do it yet ) that I would sleep at her house without her parents over the weekend in her bed so idk.

    Anyways what are your thoughts because I really can't understand girls.

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    What is so hard about this? Sleep with the girl who wants you in her bed on Saturday and forget the girl who doesn't want to talk to you. If you don't want to sleep with your "ex" then block her and stop talking to your "crush". Find another crush.