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Ex texted me after 5 weeks of NC

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  • Ex texted me after 5 weeks of NC

    My ex texted me saying he wants to see me and he has been thinking of things and he feels like he should explain me more why he broke up with me.He also called me.I didnít reply and I have no intention to because i still love him but I know he is not good for me and our relationship will not work out.He mademe suffer and I just cannot pretend i am ok.Is it ok that i am ignoring him? What should I do andwhy?

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    Doryanne , you have created several threads about this ex and have not responded to any advice anyone has given you on those threads.

    So as not to waste anymore of anyoneís time , anyone reading this , donít even waste your time replying.

    If , Doryanne, you actually WANT advice as opposed to venting, at least have the respect to reply to those who took time out to advise you on the other threads you created and then ignored.


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      And if she begins another thread without responding, she needs to be put on time-out for a month.
      "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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        ... ...
        "First off, welcome to the Relationship Forums, You'll come to understand that I don't pull any punches when giving my opinion/advice and I hope you're not so sensitive to what I see as the truth of the matter." Me!