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why does he work so much

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  • why does he work so much

    I've been in a relationship for 6 years off and on. recently we both started working at the same place but we hardly see each other because he's in the back doing mechanic work and I'm up front running the register. We have the same days off. I also go to school and he has been complaining this last spring that I'm always busy with school and dont have time for him. That is why i chose to take the summer off. we had planned to spend our weekends camping, hiking, taking the dogs for walks and working on the house, but instead a huge rennovation came up at our store and he's been working every weekend on that. I understand he's a hard worker but now the big part of the work is done and he promised that we'd go camping but again today on our day off he's back at the store. He never tells me he has to go in until the night before. i feel like he's afraid ill be mad. I dont know what to do. the summer is almost over and we havent gone camping once! I feel shorted and when i bring it up to him he freaks out. Then last sunday he decides to call in sick when i work to go spend the day with his friend shooting. where he conveniently has no service. I dont want to think the worst but it seams like he's trying to get away from me after we planned a summer! I have no problem with him working but we make plans to do something and then something comes up at work and he has to go in. What should i do? I feel hurt and confused.

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    Leave him. He's not being the boyfriend you need and he's even complained when you're busy but its quite alright that he is, in his eyes.

    You've been "on and off with him for six years. You should have not been on anymore after the second "off." This is not the man you will spend the rest of your life with. Don't waste anymore time. You are missing out on meeting your LIFEmate as long as you're with a guy that is too busy to keep your relationship with him nurtured.
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      Sounds like he is avoiding you and you both don't have a lot sorted through. People behave that way as a defense mechanism especially if a person is non-confrontational or fearful of an outcome. Communicate together and exorcise all that bad energy. If one or neither of you are willing to do that the relationship is as good as over. Why do you think he's avoiding you?