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I donít even know how to tell him how I feel

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  • I donít even know how to tell him how I feel

    Iíve been with my bf for 7 years on and off. Weíre 27 years old. Idk what it is with me he just acts uninterested. He doesnít really interact with me, Iím kind of just there and Iím in his world. I feel as though Iím his accessory or toy. Iíll interact with him but he wonít say much or respond to it really. Most of the time heís annoyed with me or he wants to do his thing. Sometimes heíll be involved with whatever Iím doing or heíll put in some effort but itís very rare and as soon as I feel like itís changing it goes back to how it was. Iíve been struggling with falling back in love with him when we got back together. We went to the mall and had a really nice time. We sat down and ate and he asked me what was new in my life, which he rarely does. Our conversations are usually about him or overwatch and I just listen, but he seemed really interested in me that day. I felt happy and I felt like we were in a good place. The next day I asked for a ride home and he didnít even say no, he just expected me to take a hint. I felt like nothing changed. I went thru his phone and saw how nice and thoughtful he was towards other women. Asking how their day was, telling them how beautiful their pictures were, saving it in his phone, asking if they want to hang out. He even offered to get food for one girl to cheer her up, and i honestly canít see him doing that for me. If I told him I was in a bad mood he says Iím always like that. He does t care. He thinks my feelings are annoying. He tells me I complain too much when I tell him something he did bothered me. I feel like Iím only in a relationship to take care of him and it makes me frustrated and drained. He yells at me a lot and gets frustrated very quickly with me. He yells at me to listen to him and he tells me heís done talking to me as soon as I say something or heíll threaten to block me or heíll end the convo completely. I really do feel like I treat him with respect and I try to express my love and I try to be mindful of his feelings and make him happy, but he doesnít do the same with me. It feels like he just tolerates me. If Iím upset he doesnít care. But if heís upset Iíll be affectionate and ask what can I do to make him feel better. Iíd be lucky if he speaks to me at all. It just feels lonely being with him and I constantly feel sad and worthless around him. We broke up for 6 months and I was upset, but I personally felt happy and my mood was generally positive. Once we got back together I felt like a dark cloud was hanging over my head. I enjoy the fact that I have someone to hang out with and do things with, but I feel emotionally empty and Im not happy that Iím in love with someone who I feel very disconnected to. Itís gotten to the point where I just sound like a broken record. Iím not asking for a lot. I just need him to do the bare minimum. Text me back, ask me how Iím doing or if I got home safe, take me out on a date, comfort me when Iím upset. I donít feel like itís a lot to ask from someone who claims to love me. Is it? He says Iím manipulative and calculating. I have been very mean to him sometimes during fights, but for the most part I try to be patient and avoid conflict but itís getting to me. How do I say all this to him?

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    I have no sympathy for someone that puts up and keeps going back with a guy that treats them with indifference. Leave him, block him, and learn to forget him.
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      Originally posted by Affitine View Post
      ...... How do I say all this to him?....
      It seems like you have in one way or another and he doesn't really care to change. After seven years, either accept it and stop complaining or realize that you can do much better and move on.

      What does your family say about your relationship?