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  • Should I feel this way?

    Iíve been going back and forth with this issue and Iím still unsure about how to handle it. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. We have an amazing relationship and make each other very happy. Recently tho weíve been arguing a lot over this situation. My boyfriend is 23 and his close friend is in his 30s. Everytime they hang out without fail he is always pressuring my boyfriend to be single. Saying that heís too young to be in a serious relationship, that he needs to be single, that basically girls just hold you back. Whenever my boyfriend and I have an argument and he goes to him for advice and I instead of encouraging communication or suggesting a solution he always just says that he should just be single. He also tries to imply that I (and all other girls basically) are controlling. I am not a controlling person whatsoever so that is very untrue. There was one time him and my bf weíre going out (separate cars) and they were meeting each other at a bar after work. My bf always calls me when heís done with work because he likes to tell me about his night and vise versa but this bothered his friend so much. He basically told him he shouldnít have to ďcheck in with me.Ē Another time I was on the phone with my boyfriend while he was with him and he told me that I should appreciate what I have before itís gone. Mind you this person has never met me, never had a full conversation with me, and barely knows a thing about me. He has no basis to want this relationship over other than ďyouíre young and you should be single.Ē This really bothers me because my boyfriend has told him that heís happy and in love and is more of a relationship type of guy but he still continues to bring this up everytime they hang out. I feel like he has a very negative view on relationships and wants to pass that on to my bf. I wish that even if he didnít agree with the relationship, or didnít like me personally, as a friend he should be respectful of our relationship and the choices that we make regardless of how he feels about them. At the end of the day itís our relationship and itís really not his business. Iíve tried to talk to my boyfriend about this but even though he doesnít agree with it it doesnít seem to bother him. I donít understand why heís not upset about his friend talking negatively about me and our relationship and why heís not standing up for me. I would like for him to sit down with his friend and set some boundaries and explain that him constantly discrediting our relationship makes me uncomfortable but I also donít want to overstep. All in all Iím not sure what to do about this or even if I have a right to feel this way. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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