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Please help me out of this terrible situation

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  • Please help me out of this terrible situation

    Hello guys, I am stucked in a terrible situation which I do not know what to do.
    I am a guy in his 20s. A few weeks ago me and my friend(also a guy) went on a hangout with two girls.
    My friend already had one of the girls in his mind to get into a relationship with. However when we all went out, the one girl (which my friend was interested in) got my attention as well.
    A few days after, I realized that my friend is not that serious about the girl so I tried my chance. I bought a surprise gift for the girl and I made her so happy to the point that she was really speechless. I got her something that I long knew she loved. My friend (the guy) is totally ok with this but here is the main problem...

    after I did this thing and made her happy, I made the worst stupid mistake in my life. I wanted to straight forward tell her that I love her. I wanted to be as frank as possible and not to waste any time but on a bad coincidence, I got some bad news from my college. So I was in a bad mood. I texted her to open up the conversation and ask her what she thinks about relationships etc.

    unfortunately I rushed and I told her: Is your friend (the other girl) dating? I kinda like her

    it was awkward weird and terrible and I really donít know why did I say that. Part of the confusion is because I was afraid of her reaction and I messed up. I should have told her that I love her and not her friend but..

    The moment I made my other issues stable, I realized about the shitty mistake I had just made. I tried to explain everything to her but it didnít work. She replied coldly and said we are not kids you shouldnít have that behaviour. Now Iím friendzoned and also my picture is damaged in her mind. In the morning she loved me, in the night I was the stupid weirdo in her mind.

    the issues I was dealing with at that time were my work, college and health issues so I was nervous, didnít think properly and rushed.

    please let me know what do you think I can do to fix this

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    So, you barely know this girl, haven't been on a single date, and you were about to tell her you love her???
    You don't love her. You might have a crush on her.
    Lesson one in growing up. Learn to tell the difference between an infatuation and love. Don't be going around telling women you barely know you love them. That's just weird.

    Now, why you would ask about her friend while you were trying to show your interest in her, I can not understand. What kind of brain fart happened there?

    I'm sorry to say, I think you've ruined your chances with this girl.
    Move on, learn from your mistake and do better next time around with the next girl that comes along.
    You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf


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      I agree with Ayla. I can only chalk up the misappropriated comment about her friend to intense nervousness. Shit just comes out when you're nervous! I get that. But I'm afraid that most women might not be too understanding especially when it's directed at them or if they're involved. Be considerate of the situation and let it go. Be a bit smarter next time and can it if you're feeling jittery. Don't talk on the phone or text and do it in person. People may be able to read you better and cut you some slack if they see you're nervous.