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Am I Supposed To Chase Her Or Let Her Go

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  • Am I Supposed To Chase Her Or Let Her Go

    So...I met my ex girlfriend almost 3 years ago. I was 27 and she was 21. I had been in a relationship with another female and still am. Iím actually married. My wife and I have been together for 11 years and didnít expect to run into someone who made sense out of my life. For starters my wife and I are only together because we have been together for so long. I know poor excuse. So when I met the 21 year old I never told her that I was married nor that I was already in a relationship. We will say the 21 year old name is ďJaneĒ. Jane had all of her first sexual experiences with me and had never been in love before. Jane found out a year into our relationship that I was married. Jane decided to stay and stick it out until we both found the perfect time to get our own life and place together. For 3 years Jane stood by my side. She never cheated nor wanted anyone else. She said she would much rather have bad times with me then to have good times with someone else. Her and I could only talk on the phone while I was at work Mon-Fri, no weekends. Jane and I broke up a few times in the course of this affair, but always made up and got back together. Jane and I both are very stubborn so it was hard for both of us to put our pride aside after break ups and text or call each other. I would say we split it 50/50 when it came to apologizing. This last time we broke up we went 2 months without texting or calling each other. Finally Memorial Day weekend of this year I sent her an email asking if she missed me. She said she did, but we both are busy because of work and Iím married. So I told her to flatter me and tell me how much she missed me. She told me what she missed about me and how she wanted to hangout the following Saturday. The next day she didnít respond fast enough so I thought someone else was occupying her time. So I kind of sent a nasty email. She said that the first month her and I broke up it was stressful for her, but she kept telling herself that Iím married and Iímaways busy. She then proceeded to say she isnít up for dating anyone because she still loves me and canít stop thinking about me. She said that it has been less stressful since her and I arenít together anymore because she doesnít have to keep worrying about the next time she will spend time with me,or talk to me on the phone, or throw a temper tantrum because I donít have time for her. I responded back and didnít hear anything from her after that. I called her a few days after that and she answered and asked about having sex. So I told her that if we had sex all of her feelings and emotions for me would come up all over again. She dismissed me and said she didnít want to talk about it. I told her to call me the next day and she never did. Now I have emailed her, texted her, and chased her that she has blocked me. She wonít even explain to me why she is ignoring me.

    What is is she thinking?
    what should I do to get her back?
    why wonít she respond to my calls or emails or texts?

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    BattlingMyself , What is she thinking? She's thinking that ship has sailed. It's OVER. What should you do to get her back? Don't do anything. It's OVER. A done deal. Why won't she respond to your calls, emails or texts? Because she smartened up and won't waste her time, energy, resources, heart and LIFE on a married man anymore.

    It's time for you to concentrate on fixing your marriage for starters, seek professional marriage counseling or give your wife the courtesy and respect to divorce and make it final. Do the right thing. It's never too late to change if you decide to change for the better starting right now and today. Your poor wife.
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      Are you joking? Is this topic for real? What rock have you crawled out from under? You're a married man who's made plans to run away with a 21-24 year old, you haven't vocalized what you plan to do with your marriage and you sound desperate and needy. For goodness sake, man. Straighten out yourself and figure out what you want out of life and free yourself from an unrewarding marriage. I hope for her sake this 21 year old moves on and never looks back. She deserves better and she's probably learning that men like you don't deserve to be in her life! She is also probably discovering that there ARE good and honest men out there that won't cheat on their wives for three sorry years. Please get help from a therapist or a professional.
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        Do you really think that people here are going to give you advice on how to continue cheating on your wife with this girl?
        What planet do you live on?

        How about you make a post about your wife, remember her? The one you vowed loyalty and fidelity to. The one you've been betraying for 3 years.
        Make a post about how to earn back her trust, and I'll be happy to answer.
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