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  • Do I stay or do I go

    So bit of background regarding this me and my partner met 6 years ago, he was married at the time and our relationship started out as an affair, his then wife found out after 3 years and he ended up leaving her and their 2 children for me. I was diagnosed a long time ago with polycystic ovaries meaning it would be extremely hard for me to naturally fall pregnant as I donít have regular periods. To be honest I never thought I would have any children.
    Here comes the hard part, I fell pregnant nearly a year ago now, I was shocked, so happy, worried if loose it and I was over the moon I got my man and now we were going to have a baby of our own together and be a proper family, then he tells me he doesnít want to be a dad again and my world is crushed! I did the only thing I think any woman would do in my position, I told him to do one, I said there was no way I was going to get rid of what could be my only chance to have a baby. Within a matter of days I start bleeding, I wasnít concerned but I thought it could be implantation bleeding being as I havenít had a period for so long, then it carries on and on and turns red. I knew something wasnít right and I told him, I got an appointment with the doctors and got sent for a scan and there was nothing there. I was devistated absolutely heartbroken. He was there for me supporting me and things went back to how they were before.
    I approached the subject, I want to try again, if it happens and it stays itís fate if it doesnít then itís not meant to be. He says no, no conversation at all just door slammed in my face. Iíve tried many times more please change your mind please letís try again, no and again no conversation. The only reasons heís ever given me is Iím too old to be a dad again (heís 37) this is not a reason!
    So im plodding along, this man I love so so much and really donít want to be without and preying heíll change his mind.
    Heís perfect in ever other way and we get on so well except this one thing. What do I do?!

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    He is a man who was willing to destroy his family and kids for the sake of his own desires and wants. The fact that he doesn't want to do things that obligate him like kids and commitment to you (I assume you're not married) is not surprise.

    So the question is whether you are going to sacrifice your dreams to be with a man who doesn't share them.

    Are you going to do that?


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      You might want to reconsider whether this is the right man for you.


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        He certainly sounds like a man who puts himself first above family or anything else. I think that if indeed you had a child he'd dump you like a ton of bricks!


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          He's far from perfect in all evil ways. If you get pregnant, be prepared because he'll leave you high and dry, too. You'll be the second woman he leaves for someone else. Beware. My answer: GO.
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            Don't you have more self respect than to want a child with someone who doesn't want the same thing?
            If you want a child so badly, break up with him and either find a man who wants children, or do it on your own. Plenty of sperm banks around.
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              Is this man really right for you? First of all, he left his children to be with you. Doesn't mean he wont do the same to you. Moreover, he also doesn't wanna have children with you yet he loves you? Hmmm something seems sketchy here.