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Why does my ex text me more when she is drunk and less when she is sober?

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  • Why does my ex text me more when she is drunk and less when she is sober?

    My girlfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago. I still want her back. She said she needed time and space and said she didn't know if we should breakup or stay together but she still really cares about me. I recently apologized for my contributions to the breakup saying I messed up and she said "we both made mistakes" We have remained in contact. The thing is when we text when she's sober it is usually me initiating contact (which I shouldn't but sometimes I slip) and usually short conversations and doesn't seem that interested but she seems to initiate contact only if I don't after 4 days. But when she's drunk she texts me usually around 3 AM saying "hi" or "sorry we didn't workout" or "I still care about you I hope you know its just as hard for me" and usually I'm sleeping and text her in the morning and its back to short conversations and like nothing ever happened. Lately I've been getting 1-2 drunk texts per week and 1-2 sober "conversations" a week.

    Anyways I'm just looking for advice as to why she does this? Is there any chance she regrets breaking up with me? Does she just feel lonely when she's drinking? Does she still have feelings for me?

    I asked her to meet up for coffee to catch up soon and she said that would be nice. I will see where it takes me...

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    First of all, the fact that she gets drunk twice a week sounds problematic. Are you sure you even want to be dating someone who's probably an alcoholic??

    Secondly, You're nothing more than her comfort pillow right now. She knows you're still pining over her and you'll make her feel good about herself. All she has to do is throw you a bone, and you'll be there stroking her ego again, making her feel special and wanted.
    She doesn't want to get back together with you. She just wants you to make her feel better. Don't let her use you like that. Don't let her stop you from moving on and healing from the break-up. As long as you stay in contact, you'll never be able to get past it. You should probably block her on all social media and start picking your life back up again.


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      I agree ^^^^

      She broke up with you because she needed time and space. Give her both by blocking her phone number so that she can't text or call you. Unfriend her on all social media. Stop letting her lead you around by the nose when she needs some comfort.
      "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay