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  • Ex ignoring me

    Hey. I know I wrote about this the other week but it's kind of annoying me a bit.

    My ex is in the same social circle as me. We dated for a year, she dumped me, insisted she wanted to be friends and then started acting like an asshole with me and avoiding me for two months.

    ​​​She reached out and said she wanted to be friends again. Started getting close and telling me she was still interested, started meeting up for two months, kissed, she told me she wants to try again.

    started blanking me, leaving my messages on read. Now I have no idea what to do. She's still in my social circle, haven't seen her yet but i'm obviously gonna see her again soon but i'm embarrassed and don't know how i'm supposed to act with her. Do I ignore her, do I pretend like nothing happened? She still goes out with my best friends all the time, I feel like absolute shit and worthless.

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    Id confront her. Not in front of anyone but Id take her to the side and tell her directly how I felt. Its very easy to ignore someones text and I think for me it would be the best to let her see how hurt I was and to let my anger and disappoinment out. I could let go then better. But i dont know if thats the best for you too. Then try to be confident, focus on yourself and your healing and dont ignore her but dont search for conversations or any other contact. good luck!


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      Follow her lead. If she ignores you, you ignore in return. If she's cordial and natural, you be cordial and act natural. If she's civil, you be civil. If not, ignore each other and cease all electronic contact, too. Make a clean break.
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