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Crying on my own at 2:30am. I can't stand this anymore!

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  • Crying on my own at 2:30am. I can't stand this anymore!

    I don't know where to turn to.

    For the last few years my husband has gone off sex more and more and more.

    Tonight he had a hard on and I could tell he was only half asleep. So I pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock. He got angry and pushed me off. And said it's not right to wake someone up when they are asleep.

    I felt like a dirty tramp.

    I tried to lay at the side of him but the tears rolled and I couldn't stop them.

    I asked him what the hell was going on. He got angry. Punched the bed and said nothing.

    I told him this was not normal. I might be fat but I'm not ugly.
    I left the room sobbing and came Downstairs. He didn't follow me to see if I was ok or to hold me.

    He makes me feel fat and ugly.

    I think he wants me to actually fuck someone else so he this relationship can end by me being the one to do something wrong. Because he won't end it and I won't. Where as if I fuck someone he can run to his family and tell them what I did!
    What woman at 36 can carry on with a man that makes them feel disgusting? He literally makes me feel like sex is a bad thing!

    Just to add, he works 8 hours a day. Normal hours and has no health issues. He' 39 and I'm 36. This has been getting worse for a few years.
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    Why don't you ask him to open up your marriage. If neither one of you will leave the marriage then why not stay in it and get your needs met elsewhere? Broach the subject with him and let us know what he says. If he says no way, then call your lawyer and find out what your rights and obligations are and start living the single life instead of sitting there crying. You could be enjoying your first booty call.
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      You sound like his disinterest is destroying your self esteem. Why don't you do something to build your confidence, If you think you are overweight then join a gym or aerobics class.

      Maybe when you feel better about yourself his interest will come back. If not then I'm sure you will find someone who does find you attractive.


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        Question, were u always on the heavier side or when he met you? Itís to b expected that over the years men and women gain weight, however if itís a significant amt it could turn off the other partner. Then again there is such thing as wedding vows. Anyhow, his disinterest is a big issue and my wifeís a bigger woman but always has been and I rarely turn down sex or a blow job if Iím lucky. Lol. Would the both of you consider marr. couns.?