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broken hearted (long read; bdp, npd, me? nothing?)

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    Originally posted by Rose Mosse View Post
    I think we've established the kind of person she was. It might be useful for you to reflect on your mistakes but clear whatever residual bad energy this experience left behind. You're going to have to move on and you're going to have to do it on your own so you'd best get used to it and not carry this emotional baggage wherever you go and especially into your next relationship. Rebuild your life and look to the future. At some point stop looking back and certainly cease having anything to do with her.
    Thank you very much for your empathy and advice. I shall try to do that as I also try to learn, change and heal. I was (choosing to be in love) and of the perspective that I was (choosing to be) in love... I suppose that was not the case for her. guess that I say the aforesaid statement because I am broken hearted and am trying to find peace within myself (and move on) apropos of what happened and how what happened.