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First date fiasco...someone please help

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  • First date fiasco...someone please help

    So me and this girl have been talking for about a month now. We are both college athletes who go to school about 30 minutes from echo their. We made plans to finally go and meet up in person last night at a restaurant. LONG STORY SHORT: there was some major miscommunication. I got there a couple minutes early. So she wasn’t there when I arrived. I sent her a Snapchat while I was sitting in my truck waiting on her. I told her that I was there and waiting for her. I snapped her when she was on her way to meet up, so she didn’t open it. After a few minutes, this car parked maybe 40 feet from me. I had no idea who it was. I have no idea what car she drives. After about 3-4 minutes, the car pulls out and leaves. I checked Snapchat again, and she had just posted a video in her car saying “when we have plans for 7, you be there at 7”. That’s when I realized it was her in that car. I have no idea what car she drives and she never told me. She also never told me she was there! So I had no idea. She blocked my number and Snapchat too. I didn’t wanna text her because I had already SNAPCHATTED her telling her I was there waiting for her. I didn’t wanna text her saying the exact same thing. Her and I Snapchat ALL THE TIME, every day. So I saw no wrong. She thought I stood her up.

    We we share a couple mutual friends. After she blocked me, I reached out to one of her good friends who I know pretty well. I told her friend what had happened, and her friend told her that she should unblock me and let me talk to her. The girl then texts me saying how it’s all okay and that I did nothing wrong. She even went on to tell me that I was a great guy and had nothing to worry about. I still felt bad, I have a gut feeling I should’ve texted her that night instead of snapped. I then asked her “did I screw anything up?” And she replied “No! Not at all”. I asked if she wanted to try and meet up again, and she said we shouldn’t really press anything. It caught me off-guard. My friends think she is embarrassed about the major miscommunication, realizing she was wrong and that I was actually there the whole time. I am just confused as to why she goes on to tell me “you’re a great guy. You did nothing wrong, it’s totally fine” to saying she doesn’t wanna hangout. I’m just confused as to where I stand. Should I wait and give her some space? It was just a major miscommunication. We were 40 FEET away from each other and neither of us knew. I had told her, but I guess she never checked her phone? I’m just so lost, confused, and frustrated.

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    She said she didn't want to "press things" which is her way of blowing you off. She's not keen to meet you so don't waste your time on ANY chick who isn't Jonesing to get to know you in person.

    Don't blame yourself for anything. She could have texted you and said "I'm here are you close by?" but she didn't she just acting like a C word so forget about her.
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      when we have plans for 7, you be there at 7
      Kind of impulsively judgmental I would say. You were early, I would have communicated that to her. Phase is right she's blowing you off and I wouldnt put up with any of her BS. She sounds a little self centered to me like she thinks the world revolves around her. It doesn't.

      She could have reached out and asked but she chose to be a C about it and scold you like a child.
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