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First date gone bad...I need insight ASAP!

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  • First date gone bad...I need insight ASAP!

    Hi all. So this girl and I have been talking for about 3 weeks now. We are both college athletes that go to school 30 minutes from each other. Things have came up every weekend, but we had finally made official plans to go out and meet each other in person at a restaurant last night. Well, I got there a little early, maybe by a couple minutes. She wasn’t there yet. While I was sitting in my truck waiting for her, I sent her a Snapchat of the restaurant and said “ Hey I’m here! (:” . After about 10 minutes she still hadn’t opened it. I snapped her while she was on her way to meet up. A couple more minutes go by and a car parks about 40 feet or so away from me, and no one got out of the car. It was odd. Since she hadn’t seen the Snapchat I sent, I figured it wasn’t her. After about 3-4 minutes, the car pulled out and left. Well, I checked Snapchat again, and she had posted on her Snapchat saying “when we have plans at 7, that means be there at 7”. She was in her car. That’s when I realized that the person in that car was her. I had NO idea what car she drives, she never told me. She doesn’t know what I drive either, so she never knew I was there. She thought I stood her up. I didn’t know she was there either. I had sent her the Snapchat saying that I was there, but she never opened it. I know I should’ve just texted her, but since I had already SNAPPED her I didn’t wanna text her saying the same thing. Text and snap are the 2 most common forms on communication with teenagers and college kids, so I saw no wrong. She ALSO never told me she was there. So I had no idea she was waiting for me. No Snapchat’s, Calls, texts, etc.

    We have a couple mutual friends. I texted one of her good friends and former teammate and told her what happened. She blocked my number and also my Snapchat, so I had no way to reach her. Her friend who I reached out to told her everything, and she unblocked me earlier today and texted me. She was saying “it’s not a huge deal”, “everything’s cool don’t worry”, “you did NOTHING” wrong...and also said that “I’m a great guy and shouldn’t feel bad”. I still told her that I should’ve texted her, and that it was just miscommunication. I asked her if she wanted to try again and meet up, and she said “I dont think we should press anything”. I am just confused! My friends think she is embarrassed about the whole miscommunication thing. It caught me off-guard when she said she didn’t wanna meet up or anything. She said it wasn’t my fault and said that I was even a great guy! Just strange...I asked her “did I screw this up?” And she said “no! Not at all”. She made it clear it wasn’tnmy Fault, even though I still
    felt bad. I was so excited to meet her and it’s frustrating that we were 40 FEET away from each other and neither of us knew.

    I changed the subject in our text conversation after that. I assumed she didn’t wanna talk about that night anymore and asked how her day was going, and she never replied. I am so confused as to where I stand. I don’t know if I should wait a while and text her in several days...or what. It was just an odd night. NOTE: she has not been in a relationship in a VERY long time. She told me when we first started talking that she gets nervous and assumes things won’t work out. I’ve been extremely understanding and patient with her...I THINK I like her. I really enjoy talking to her. We have been talking for almost a month now, our conversations usually last all day and she has shown interest the whole time. I am just so confused...what do you guys think about all this? Sorry, it’s long. Thank you
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    This is what I said in your duplicate thread:

    She said she didn't want to "press things" which is her way of blowing you off. She's not keen to meet you so don't waste your time on ANY chick who isn't Jonesing to get to know you in person.

    Don't blame yourself for anything. She could have texted you and said "I'm here are you close by?" but she didn't she just acting like a C word so forget about her.
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      Yeah, that is weird. I think she's got temper issues too and seems like a real downer. Why would you want to hang around someone like that anyway? Herself and her energy needs to go to the karmic car wash.

      If you really like her and she comes out of the car wash, just be as you are- relaxed and patient and wait for her to come to you.
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        She does have too many issues and i am really sorry to say that you may have to start finding a new date for you
        as this would make you go mad after sometime.