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It seems like most of my colleagues are getting promoted besides me

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  • It seems like most of my colleagues are getting promoted besides me

    Iíve worked for this corp. for over a year and that doesnít seem like a long time except a slew of my coworkers got significant promotions and Im making the same crappy money. Oh I supposedly got a promotion and the pos. was a lateral move, same effing pay. Iím not only pissed off and annoyed, but insulted as well. I have over 10 years experience and took a pay cut to work there. Lesson learned I guess. The problem is itís not easy finding another comparable job, but I may have to look elsewhere and take my chances. Any suggestions and or feedback are welcomed. Thanks!

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    Maybe the corporation is more concerned with performance than longevity in giving promotions. Have you talked to your supervisor about this?
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      I have a meeting w/ them to discuss performance, etc. next week. My last review was very good so Iím hoping itís the same or better and maybe Iíll get a raise in lieu of a promotion. I guess Iíll be finding out soon.


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        Is this a discussion that is initiated by the employer or you? That lateral move may also have to do with your previous relationship with the woman at work (your other thread)- ie if you were going through some kind of turmoil and it was affecting your performance or focus.
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          You may be onto something Rose. Ironically she was one of the others who got promoted. It is what it is I guess.


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            Try not to internalize it though... not until you get to speak to your supervisor and clarify any questions you have.