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Out of Sight, out of Mind -OR- Absence makes the heart grow fonder

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  • Out of Sight, out of Mind -OR- Absence makes the heart grow fonder

    Which is correct following a breakup?

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    If you're on Plentyoffish its: Absence makes a boys/girls eyes wander.
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      The 1st one. I've found whenever I preoccupy myself with my own life with work, healthy lifestyle and doing what I enjoy, I dwell less on bitter memories. I become so busy that I I greatly decrease brain space for those who don't deserve my thinking of them. Try it. It works. And, time heals old wounds. Focus on your own happiness, self-confidence and security. Find peace from within. After that, new people flock to you because they're attracted to people who have their act together.
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        Out of Sight, out of mind. Focusing on your ex will only make you second guess your decision to leave them and you might miss them so much that you make up a version of them in your mind that never existed, one that makes you go back to a relationship that has already failed. But on the other hand, if someone has broken up with you, seeing them or knowing about them keeps the wound open for longer than it needs. In order to move on, you need to do exactly that, move on with you life without the person who broke your heart.


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          I think for me it's out of mind therefore out of sight. I don't even see them mentally as in they cease to exist.


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            Rose, that's pretty close to solipsism.