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  • Always the bad guy...

    I love my fiancťe so much, she belittles me and makes me feel like crap and still I give her my love. I try to show affection, show her how I feel and what she means to me but itís never good enough. She always wants more. Iím an honest guy, I do my very best not to lie to her so when she asks me questions I give her honest answers. (Eg. Her: Do you watch porn? Me: Yes. Her: Can you not do it anymore? Me: Yes as long as my testicles arenít hurting.). That really happens by the way. But you see, she holds that against me now. She says why canít you just imagine me. My reply is I donít have an imagination like that and I really donít. I havenít watched porn but once the entire year and a half weíve been together. But she argues with me like I do it everyday. But thatís just one problem. She wants me to make her happy, confident in herself, and make her trust and believe me. I cannot do those things, I have and have been doing my best, but every time she shoots everything down. She wants me to have sex with her after she basically tells me Iím not good enough then gets mad when I donít give her the sex. I canít do it I feel Iím being taken advantage of when she does that. She will literally argue with me for looking in a woman direction, literally looking, not liking her up and down, not drooling over her, but just looking around a store for example. I feel we are heading down the road to depression and hate. I just want help pkease what am I doing wrong. I stay to myself donít talk to anyone literally Iím not as bad of a guy as I feel she is making me out to be.

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    this relationship is destiny for failure sooner or later. i don't understand why you want to be with such a negative person. it seems she truly hates you. i see too many red flags. suggest a long separation as a minimum and you looking for a more compatible person to love. based on your thesis you are NOT the bad guy but an easy going person thst hooked up with a very nasty girl.

    what mskes you desire to continue this relationship and love this person ? seems something is missing from your thesis on what drives you to continue to be with her.


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      I was with a person who is a lot like the way you describe your fiance. The ugly truth is that she enjoys the feeling of power that she gets from tearing you down. The more love you give, the more opportunity she sees to hurt you. She'll do it for as long as you make yourself available to her.

      I hope you leave her before she destroys all the love and light you possess. She won't quit the relationship easy. She'll show you exactly who she is with threats and with acts of hatred and spite. Leaving will not be easy because you are the rare man who loves unconditionally, and walking away goes against your nature. But do it, friend. Save yourself. Make your plans and never look back.