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Should I contact him or not.

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  • Should I contact him or not.

    Hello, I won't bore anyone with the details but recently I have been heart broken. My boyfriend has not told me whether or not he has left me, it sounds naive to say I do not know if we are together or not but last week was the last time I heard from him. He told me to go away for a week and said he would look after my cat. I asked him if he was sure. While I was away he was cold towards me. I am back now, and I am scared to contact him incase he thinks I am needy. I know this is what he expects. At the same time, I am worried about the cat and what he has done with it. I want to know if he will bring it back, or if I should collect it from somewhere or what is going on. I have been back for two days now and still no message from him. He did not arrive at the airport to collect me on new year, nobody was there. I took a taxi two hours to my house and still haven't heard from him. I really did not do anything wrong. He just told me he felt cold towards me. I dont want to contact him he has broken my heart deeply. Today I have stopped crying but I have no friends or family and no one to advise me. Sorry for the long post and I hope someone can help me.

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    Can't you just ring him & ask for your cat back? It won't sound needy if you place the importance on the welfare of your pet. If he's still cold to you then finish with him after you get the cat back!


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      Yes I asked... He told me three days ago he gave it to the janitor. I went to the janitor and the cat is sick. Also, when I asked why he did this he didn't reply. When I asked him why he finished with me no reply. I have cried now for hours. I begged him to tell me why. The saddest part is that he promised me he wouldn't do it. And after hurting me before he promised he would never ever do this. My poor animal, I will take it to a vet. We are both broken.


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        Stop being a ninny and get some backbone. He's not your boyfriend anymore. And why would you want him to be your boyfriend after doing this to you? It's outrageous. Stop crying over this jerk and get your cat and then block him from your life.
        "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay