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  • Do you think this is disrespectful?

    My boyfriend’s friend showed him a picture of a couple women he knows and my boyfriend got very excited and told him to “hook a brother up”. I was right there so I saw all this, I got upset as I would never ask a friend to hook me up with anoybody, I’m in a relationship and I believe that to be very disrespectful. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half. We’ve had an ongoing issue that never ends. He’s constantly commenting on the looks of other women, saying women are hot and commenting on their bodies. Even told a story about how epic his ex wife’s breasts when they were bouncing around on a boat. Some of his comments are quite derogatory. He gets so excited about these hot women, more excited that I’ve seen him get about me. He says he won’t be “that guy” that regularity looks at me and tells me how beautiful I am, but he won’t stop complimenting and commenting about other women. I told him I don’t want to hear these comments and that I find it disrespectful. I understand people look at other people and it’s natural, but I find it disrespectful to make comments in front of your partner and I’ve been very clear and direct with letting him know it hurts me, especially since he really only compliments me by text message about one every week or two and in person only when I get really dressed up. I just don’t feel like he’s really into me when he’s always looking elsewhere. He insists I’m the one with the problem, and I need to work on my confidence and that I’m insecure and over sensitive. Just looking for others opinions on this matter. Thanks.

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    You need to dump this guy. he is VERY disrespectful and I would not call him your boyfriend. I would call him "a boyfriend" and date other people at a bare minimum. He's rude and doesn't care anything about your feelings. You are apparently nothing but a space holder to him in between taking shots at women he'll probably never get and certainly not be able to keep. Why are you putting up with this? Just find a new guy. he is NOT a keeper. Do you want your future kids to imitate his behavior? Do you want your daughter to think it's normal to cling to a guy who constantly covets other women and is rude and disrespectful?
    Not at all flirtatious. Why does it say that??


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      Extremely rude and emotionally manipulative. With strong psychopathic overtones. This man is bad news, chauvinistic and a womanizer. Not only is he obviously disrespectful to you, he is disrespectful in his comments to other women. I can't believe any woman would go near this sorry excuse for a man. Do yourself a favour, pour an ice cold drink over his head or over his pants when he's sitting next to you next time and tell him to go ahead and put his stinking D*(k where his mouth is because you're not sticking around to find out.