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    I absolutely love my other half and she loves me just recently we were making plans for Christmas to see the family and what presents we are going to get etc then out of blue she just ended it , she has just be recently diagnosed with bipolar so she tends to get cold feet for no reason ( when I say no reason , itís when she is stressed out with work and family issues ) she started saying she feels like we are growing apart , but then went onto saying she feels like sheís holding me back from what i deserve and she feels like she canít give me what I wonít, I know for a fact we arenít growing apart because since we got back together we have been stronger than ever. I know her mother is ill at the moment and she has to look after her once she has finished work so that adds to the stress . The thing that confuses me the most is that she has kept me on social media ( apart from Twitter and snapchat we she has blocked me on) she also promised to meet up with so we could exchange our stuff so I wouldnít have to pester her for my things but all I get is Iím not ready I need more time. I feel like she is ending it with me so I donít see her while she is down and upset. I just need help to get the love of my life back and to help her

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    Sorry-It sounds like she really doesn't want to be with you. When someone says No, they mean No. Just because she may have bipolar does not give you the right to override how she feels or what she's actually saying to you. It's a bit rude and selfish to do that. If you love her that much, respect her and keep your distance.