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How to get back together?

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  • How to get back together?

    Hello everyone.*

    I need an advice. I met a very interesting girl few months ago. She just broke up with someone else, who couldn't leave another woman for her. *We started dating and talking about things we never told other people very quickly. I was interested and, because I had to take a long holiday, invited her on a trip to a beautiful island. She said that she never agreed to go on a trip with someone that fast. *We had a lot of fun, continued talking about things and enjoying each other's company. A month passed by and after a trip and she sent me a few messages about how excited she to see me every time. But I missed something, probably showed her too much interest, and after two months she started getting angry at petty things and asking me if it's ok if she dates other people. *One day she was really angry, showed me disrespect, and said that I will never understand her artistic nature. I didn't fight back, just calmly said, "I will finish my dinner and go home". She suggested to break up and I said "It's fine". *
    I decided to contact her later, tell her why I liked her and explain my view on relationships with mutual respect and no anger. She suggested to meet and talk. During the meeting she told me that she wants to take time, needs passion and fire in a relationship and not sure if I am a passionate person. She also said that the guy she was dating before keeps bugging her. I am a guy who has a bunch of hobbies and interests and develops them, which I told her. I suggested to be friends which she had difficulty to accept, but at the end said, "OK". This happened 3 month after we started dating. She invited me to the theatre next day but I said that I was meeting friends. She also wasn't sure if I can share her passion for music and theatre. *
    After that day I disappeared and haven't contacted her for 4 weeks, she is quiet as well. I*date other people, but find this girl really interesting and passionate about her life, a woman that I always wanted in my life.*
    Do you think I still have a shot if I contact her or it's dead? What's the best way to start from the ground zero?*

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    Re: How to get back together?

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