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README! Before You Press Submit.

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  • README! Before You Press Submit.

    You have all read the the rules and you know our policies on things like spam, thread creation and avatars. Not everything is written in stone, however, so I would like to highlight some current staff policies you might find useful.


    Do not post pictures of people without their permission. There are very few situations in which we need to see what your ex looks like to give you advice on your situation. I'm sure she's a looker (or a real hag, whatever it is you want me to say) but unless it's quite clear that said it's okay for you to show her off to strangers, moderators will remove the picture.

    Personal Information

    Do not post identifying personal information about others. We don't need to know that your ex is a blond by the name of X, studying Y at Z University if chances are he is the only person fitting of that description. This is particularly important if your other information about your ex (or the person they cheated on your with, or whatever) is incriminating in any way. People lose jobs for this sort of thing, you know, and Facebook pictures are being used to send people to jail.

    Think twice before posting identifying information about yourself. Do you use this username on all other websites you're registered with, but you don't want the world to know that you cheated on your husband? Then, don't post about it. If you have a really unusual last name, don't post it. If you want to post a picture, but don't want it to be associated with your person... don't host it in the folder with your personal website. We don't generally delete threads or change usernames because you happen to be incriminating yourself.

    Think about what you post, but make your post to the forum. The staff will gladly answer PMs, and if you want specific advice from someone you can always PM us or send us a visitor message. Personally, I like PMs and I definitely don't mind a "hey, would you mind checking out my thread?". But, don't register an account here only to write a 3,000 word essay on your problem and send it only to a handful of staff members, expecting us to give you advice in private so that you don't have to make a public post. If you are smart about posting, no one will figure out who you are and you will also get the benefit of more advice. Plus, you won't become a laughing stock when we figure out you sent us all the same stock-compliments to persuade us into answering.