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Advice on career and mother dying

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  • Advice on career and mother dying

    Alot of you know I'm doing engineering and I am doing okay so far except in Calc I am looking at a C. But, more importantly my mother has a chronic disease which has spread (not trying to be too specific). I initially wanted to become a doctor because I have always been interested in science and recently thought maybe I could work in labs to find a cure or at least help the treatments get better. Basically I never realized that after my mom passes away, I may not want to do that kind of work anymore. I don't know how to think about this, my therapist says I could always change fields. Right now her prognosis is a few years at most. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Milena I'm sorry about your mother and hope she has better days ahead somehow.

    If you don't think you want to pursue a career in medicine in the future, then continue with your initial major which is engineering. No sense pursuing an education and career if you have misgivings about the medical profession. Stick to your original plan since you have doubts already. You could always change fields if you don't mind taking longer to graduate.
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      Sorry to hear about your mum, M. This is something you have to work through on your own. What happened in your calculus class? There are levels in calculus. Try to get the concepts right before taking the next level up.