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Do you think new pop music sucks?

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  • Do you think new pop music sucks?

    It is just, really annoying and sounds rather fake, processed and there is no soul to it at all. Hardly worth listening to. Not even for free!

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    Yes !!! Pop music sucks !

    Itís partly due to technology , all the music nowadays is gridded . Most of the recordings are recorded perfectly in time and perfectly in key ! There is very little human imperfections ( soul , feeling) itís so perfect that it sucks !

    It also has to do with the fact the there are only a small handful of song writers writing all the song . They have their formula perfected sonalm the songs not only sound the same , there actually are the same .

    Also I think the stupid reality shows like The Voice and Americaís got talent are just glorified Karaoke contest, the judges say the same thing to every contestant ď you have a very unique voice ď you really are in touch with the songs message ď blah blah blah !!!
    The shows only exist to promote the judges new songs and promote the crappy music the contestants sing .

    The music industry has changed so much sence the advent of streaming music, no one buys music anymore, so artist have very little avenues to stand out against the run of the mill crap thatís shoved down the publicís throat !

    I have found out that a lot younger people in their 20ís listen to a lot of music from the 70ís ,80ís and 90ís !
    You have to go off the grid to find good music , itís out there but it takes some research.

    There red are no more DJ who play music they like , itís all a handful of radio stations that dictates the music that is played .
    I remeamber I use to listen to local collage radio and the DJ would play interesting music , but most of them have been shut down .

    Most of the elements of the blues is gone from pop music .it started to fade in the last 80ís now itís jist about gone .

    In my opinion the only pop artist who is worth listening to is Bruno Mars . His music is heavily bluesy !
    I also like Adel (also very bluesy) but there is no more rock music unless you dig deep !

    It will implode upon it self someday, hopefully Iíll be alive to witness it , but I was never a big fan of pop music, at least not pop like you are talking about , most music it pop by nature, except classical , Jazz and experimental music .

    Ugh ! Now I have to go and listen to music ! Real music !

    It’s time to let go , you have to sacrifice the life you have for the life you want !


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      Agree with everything you've said Prof Chaos.

      Originally posted by Professor Chaos View Post
      I have found out that a lot younger people in their 20ís listen to a lot of music from the 70's ,80's and 90's !
      Yes, I've bought so much old disco music recently! I dabble in DJing and love playing older stuff. Disco has definitely become trendy in the clubs and festivals this year.

      Just because someone's by your side, it doesn't mean they're on your side.


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        I like Adele too. Also Lady Gaga.

        But I also like Frank Sinatra, CCR, The Eagles, and The Beach Boys. I was a child of the 60s.
        "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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          @ Sarah, Oh donít get me started on The Beach Boys !!!
          I was obsessed with Pet Sounds and Smile for months, heíll Good Vibrations can take a good few weeks to really listen to it !
          Absolutely amazing !!!
          It’s time to let go , you have to sacrifice the life you have for the life you want !


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            Personally, I like music from all over the world, from the 60's through to the 90's, but I cannot believe the amount of rubbish that companies released between 2000 and now. It's like this music doesn't cater to real music lovers now. You do still get it. It's definitely out there. You just never find it on top 40 radio anymore.

            If Muse has a very space like theme to their songs, it's because the lead singer's father was in the Tornados. They did "Telstar" which is one of the very first hits about the topic. I also like OMD.


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              I agree. We must remember that people older than us complained that the pop music during their time was worse than the pop music of the past, though. It seems that pop music is on an endless process of getting worse with time. So we must attempt to cherish the current pop music before it gets even worse.


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                Totally sucks I myself stick to the 70s 80s and 90s