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Library closed a few minutes before it was supposed to

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  • Library closed a few minutes before it was supposed to

    I was at the library and at two minutes till 5 the librarian said its time to go were closed. Usually they say the library is closed over the intercom but I didn't hear it so I asked if it went over the intercom and they said yes, ago. Well my phone said 4:58 so a minute ago means they spoke over the intercom to close three minutes early. I pointed this out to the librarian and she said so its only a few minutes before 5 its pretty much 5. Um no. And its strange because the library pa system always says its closed right at 5, not two minutes before.

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    And we should care about this because........?
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      You mean the pub not library right?


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        What exactly were you doing in the library where 2 minutes was going to make all the difference?
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