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She was not ready for a relationship

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  • She was not ready for a relationship

    Hello all! So I'm just here to tell someone what's going on. I got with Mrs. Huxtable about 2 months ago (obv. Fake name). She seemed like a normal girl My age, she made it appear as if she were in between jobs, and deciding if she wanted to go to school. (We are 19). So now we have been together for about 2 months a little more and now I find out she has never had a job, and she is LIVING about filling out applications and she is not trying to get a job. I know she is Lieing cause even places like McDonald's she says she will apply online and says she does, and either says she hasn't heard back or they said she wasn't qualified. Which anyone is qualified for McDonald's. And she does not want to go to college. She does nothing all day. Every day. Tbh it is gross.

    Not only that but she lies about things being wrong. Lile the other day we are at a wedding for a member of my family. We're sitting at the ceremony and I'm talking to some of my aunts and she shoves her fucking finger in my ear. I get playful but that was the wrong time. So I swatted her hand away and looked at her in shock like what the fuck are you doing. She was kind of quiet after that. I was just really surprised at first. Then we are home and I'm trying to read which I never ever do, and she's all putting her hands on my face and thst kind of stuff so I tell her to stop. Normally at home I don't mind that kind of stuff sometimes but I was trying to read about a a serious problem with my car that need to be fixed. Then she acts distant and disappointed. I ask her what's wrong she keeps repeating nothing it's ok everything is fine. After I have had enough of that I had to bring her home cause I can't take that bs. Then she hits me up on Facebook saying I'm mean and this and that. I tell her I don't appreciate her lieing to me about something being wrong than waiting to get on Facebook to tell me like a middle schooler.

    Now km thinking we should take a break until she is able to learn how to do things herself like talk to people about how she feels. Get a job, etc. I really like her but being with me makes it seem like she is comfortable with doing nothing. If she's with me all she does is lay in my bed and do nothing. Literally she got offended one day she was over for like 3 or 4 days I told her we need to go to her house to get her stuff to brush her teeth and take a shower and I tell her she can't just sit around here for days on end without her hygiene being taken care of and she gets offended. Like wtf brush your teeth I shouldn't have to tell you

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    What kind of advice would you like? She behaves inappropriately, she lies about things, and she's lazy and sloppy. And you really like her because......? How does she support herself?
    "What lips my lips have kissed and where and why I have forgotten." ~Edna St. Vincent Millay


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      She sounds young and/or possibly with depressionor a condition that may cause her to struggle to recognise appropriate boundaries etc. It doesnt sound as if you like her very much ans she seems really keen. (If a little slow on personal hygiene).It sounds like she has confidence issues and needs the tools and support to cope and become stronger.. Im rooting for her tbh!


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        Hi I'm Huxtable. I'm rooting for her to but I can't do this. I just need advice on how to break up with her I'm kind of scared to. Scared for her to hurt herself, maybe hurt me, and definitely possibly hurt my things. She certainly does have mental health issues and I can't break up without her freaking out


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          I have way too much going on in my own to be able to help someone as car out as her. She leans on her issues and I try to get mine resolved. For example she said she can't get a job because some days "she can't even get out of bed" yes you most certainly can get out of bed. I know exactly what it's like to fucking hate yourself and sometimes seriously consider wanting to kill yourself. There are times where I am my own worst enemy. And I told her I feel that way too but the world still revolves. She got real mad and scoured about how it's much worse for her LOL. She has grown up in a house with both her parents! Good people. She has no idea what a tough life is. And I know mental health disorders don't pick and choose, it can be anyone, but come on no one's going to pay you to be depressed.

          She does not support herself, her parents and now I do. She also thinks of herself as "vegetarian" I told her, well we are not vegetarian in this house and we are not conforming to that. She will complain and complain until I say it 5 times that I don't know what the fuck to do with a vegetarian then she eventually asks to go home.

          I am ready for her to paint me a villian on social media,but I still feel terribly. Just so confused.


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            Cause my mom will make something with meat in it and she want something else. Well go make something else yourself you know what I mean. I helped put sometimes but now she expects it


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              It happens sometimes.. I have had such an experience too