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  • Communciation Issues

    Hello everyone. My girlfriend and I have continually had communication issues. I recently went on active duty for a couple of weeks to train. Due to electronic emissions created by a phone and the fact that signals were very poor, and that we were training 14-16 hours a day, I maybe spoke to her 4-5 times. I did shoot a quick text everyday. Upon my return she made a comment thagot she bet the husbands in the unit spoke to their wives frequently. I told her that they guys I spoke to typically spoke to their wives 3 times while we were away.

    Anyway, finish training, drive 17 hours to get back to my unit, unpack/repack and get on a plane that night to get home. She was waiting for me and we had a nice bit together then passed out. I was wiped out.

    The next night was my family dinner for my daughter leaving to college, which her and her kids joined us. It was nice.

    The next day, I drove with my daughter 4 hours to get her moved into her college dorm. This taking much longer than expected, it looked like I was going to return at about 1 in the morning. I spoke to her on the phone, and she invited me over...she said I could come over, I explained that I didn't have anything with me and my dog was at home. She said, "You sound just like me, making excuses why you can't come over. I kind of sluffed it off, went home and to sleep. We agreed that she would text or call me later when she got her kid settled but I didn't hear back.

    This morning, she stated that she didn't reach back last night because she said I seemed irritated, I explained why I thought the "making excuses" comment was not necessary and it placed me in a position of being looked at negatively and that I didn't have my priorities right. I explained that I could come spend the day/night with her, she responded "that's okay maybe another time this week". I called and we go into a huge fight.

    Thoughts? I don't want to fight with her, but feel these side comments are designed to insult/hurt and it totally stresses me out.


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    She is lonely and doesn't understand because she never went through this before. She is hoping that there is still trust and she is not sure how this relationship is going because you are not around. Maybe your tone of voice and/or body language was not positive and she picked up on the vibe.
    You should of let your daughter take care of herself for the move and spend more time with her if this is what you want.


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      I agree with the post above