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    [Edit by Wolf]
    I'm hijacking this thread, and there's nothing you lot can do about it.

    Advertise your web site/whatever here, so we all have something interesting to look at. Also post advice on how to get more traffic from elsewhere. Please remember that the linking of pornographic images is forbidden and will result in deletion of the post and an increase in warning level.

    Thanks to "Who Dis Be" for kindly donating this virgin thread to be sacrificed.

    Original message below.
    [/Edit by Wolf]

    As many of you know (or not), I'm running a site called, "Daily Interesting Links" ( ). I'm lacking traffic right about now and I'm trying my best to get other webmasters that run revelant sites to mine to swap links but they all seem to relate to porn in someway which I'm not aiming for. I'm keeping my site PG-13.

    Anyways, anyone know anyways that I can get more traffic; free and/or paid (as cheap as possible preferbaly) methods? I've tried banner exchanges, text exchanges, and button exchanges. Although they sometimes produce traffic, it's not quite that much since my site doesn't get as many hits to actually get my impressions credits up.

    And um, comment about the site if you want. Always appreciatied.

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    I'm taking this in a slightly different direction.
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      Try traffic exchanges. My favorite is RewardingTraffic. You just open it up and surf other peoples pages. For every two pages you view, you get one visitor to your page. Plus, every week, the number of pages you visit gets converted to cash and you get a portion of the company's profits Pretty sweet deal. Join RewardingTraffic

      Or, you can go to Viewswap. There's no signing up or anything. You just put your link into one of the tables and then view that number of pages In return, that same number of people will visit your page.

      I have a couple of other ways to advertise your site for free. They take a little more time and effort, but it's better quality traffic. PM me if you want them.
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        Some forums with good advice: - forum for admins - marketing forums.


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          Viva la Angry Squirrel

          Angry Squirrel Productions
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            Not really my site but one that I am a mod at. I know there isn't a great deal of people planning weddings here but for the few that are you should check out


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              my site
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                lol trafik =d



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                  well, i&#39;m doubting this will apply to many (or any) of you, but:
                  "Everybody wants equality, they just want theirs to be better." - Peter McDonald


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                    this site I made is based around college and discussions about work/coping with college etc.

                    its just a place where people express themselves alot easier than to others, as it&#39;s on the internet (like THERFS)

                    anyway if you&#39;re interested in joining, anybody is welcome to registering, no validation required...hope to see a few people soon ^_^



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                      Re: Advertise your site


                      A simple WordPress blog at the moment.
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                        Re: Advertise your site

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                          Re: Advertise your site

                          This thread makes me laugh...


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                            Re: Advertise your site

                            A BRAND NEW Grey's Anatomy Forum has just opened. Its called Grey's Anatomy: Under Observation and is ready and waiting for members like you all! Please stop by today and feel free to register. Take a look around the site and make an Introduction thread if you please.

                            Join the fun today!
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                              Re: Advertise your site

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