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What do you consider when replying to a thread?

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  • What do you consider when replying to a thread?

    I mean, as horrible as it sounds for an admin, sometimes I go into a thread, take a glance, and get right back out again. So what makes you just want to leave?

    For me:
    -grammar. if it looks like a bunch of letters with poor spelling, no punctuation, and a random scattering of capital letters, I'm much less likely to pay attention. It just hurts the eyes.
    -paragraphs. Same thing, one long giant blob of writing just hurts the eyes. It's hard to follow and to know where you are. It's important to break up a story into readable bits. A paragraph is supposed to represent an idea, not an entire story. (unless the entire story is a single short idea!) And remember, on forums simply pressing "enter" only pushes it down one line. Paragraphs here need to be separted by two lines.
    -LONG threads. Honestly, unless it's a long-standing member or friend, or it seems a VERY interesting topic, if the initial post is longer than a page I won't bother reading it. Be CONCISE. Tell what you NEED to tell.
    -boring titles. "Help me" "Sorry, long thread" "I have a problem." These do NOT attract the eye. I might not even go in!
    the OP answers their own question, and then asks for answers. Had this one not long ago. How annoying can you get?
    most important: POST IN THE RIGHT FORUM! I'll move it to the right place, but if you're going to be stupid and not pay attention to what forum you're in, or post in multiple forums, you're not worthy of reading.

    and a personal annoyance that makes threads difficult to follow (especially if long) is when people use letters for names. "Let's call her ____" is the most annoying thing. Ya know what? why don't you just CALL her that? regardless of whether or not it's her name. And when you've got 5-6 characters in your story, it's very difficult to follow the adventures of C, J, P, A and R.
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    Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?


    I think you covered everything. Yep.


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      Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

      I agree. Those all bother me. The block of text thing most of all.


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        Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

        Long paragraphs are so annoying, even though I may be accused of that myself. And generic topics are a turn off as well. And repeated mistakes are annoying too. I'm definitely guilty of that, lol! You know what makes me want to read a post? If I can relate to it somehow. If it's something that I'm going through, I'll probably reply to it and share my experiences.

        And once in a while, I'll give the poster the benefit of a doubt. Even if it contains poor grammar, poor spelling, not all of us are amazing at proper sentence structure, and this person is looking for help, so why not try to give it to them?
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          Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

          Oh my god, I was thinking about starting a thread like this. Of course, all of the above applies. I HATE HATE HATE the fucking walls of text!!!!

          And not only that, but the needlessly LOOONG posts with no real info in it. Especially when someone has two posts in a row, and says, "Eeuuuhhh, it looks like the forum didn't let me finish my post due to max post size, so continuing here." If you exceed that boundary, that's your first damn sign! "Is my post too long?" UH-DUUUUUUUH *donkey face to go with that*

          What else...

          - Smug assholes who take a paragraph to inform us all that they've changed the names of the people in question to protect anonymity. Here's a time-saver for those people: We don't give a shit.

          - People who request name changes. Create a new account! And don't post stuff your friends will find... geez

          - Txtspk... I don't care about the whole "expression" thing... if you write like a retard, we'll think of you as one

          - OH and people who post a new thread 2 days later to re-ask the same question, but worded slightly differently (e.g. "it's been 2 weeks" instead of "it's been 1.5 weeks") - What the hell are you expecting???


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            Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

            these days, I'm most often asking myself "what's the most obnoxious outrageous thing I can say here?"
            and that's when I hit the reply button.
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              Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

              I reply if I think the OP will actually read my post and perhaps find it helpful in some way, or if it's one of those "should I ask her out" threads.

              The post also has to be well written with decent grammar and punctuation. The text has to be written in dark, and preferably black text. Few people have the patience to read orange text. Use of txt-speak is especially annoying. A personal peeve of mine is incorrectly spelling "night" as "nite". Correct spelling doesn't just make the post easier to understand, it's also easier on the eyes. Occasional mistakes don't really matter, but using "u" in place of "you" everywhere will annoy me.

              Also, the post should describe the problem specifically with examples. If the post isn't specific enough, then instead of writing a detailed reply, I just ask for the OP to provide a very specific example. Otherwise a detailed reply, while interesting, may not be pertinent to the problem.

              Also, I like posts that are new and interesting. I am really hoping that we can get a wiki started so that we can catalogue the more common problems, and include some of the past replies. If we people could read the wiki first then they would have some idea of how other people have tried and viewed a problem and could make their posts much more informative to us. Most situations have their idiosyncrasies so people would still need to use the forum to discuss the changes occurring in their relationship.

              A few of the topics that have come up often are: pornography, different sex drives, long-distance relationships, talking to exes, privacy (i.e. reading someone's facebook, boundaries), rape, signs of interest, marriage and premarital sex, and dating for the socially awkward/inept/etc. Some of this material is collected in stickies but it'd be interesting to try and organize it all in a wiki. The wiki could then just be a link at the top of the page somewhere.

              Ummmm, yeah, I got kind of sidetracked about that local sports team?

              lol. I'm done.


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                Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                I dont mind the long threads so long as they are broken out properly and are clear to read. I understand that when your heart is hurting you just want to pour it all out there hoping that someone can make sense of it all and point you in the right direction. Sometimes the extra info helps me see the nuances of the situation. If its boring or dull or non-informative, I'll just fast forward. lol


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                  Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                  It's amazing how much you can piece together by reading every 5th or so sentence, and zooming in on the unlikely event that you're confused about the progression from one to the next.


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                    Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                    I agree on the paragraphs and long threads 100%.

                    Boring titles actually pull me in, because I'm curious what the post is about. Very specific titles and sometimes I won't go in because, hey, I KNOW what the thread is about and am not interested.

                    I hate it when people ask the same question as someone else while the old thread is still on the top page.

                    I also can't stand it when people post asking a question, and then come back to the thread less than 24 hours later and ask why no one has replied yet. Yikes! Give it a bit of time!
                    "It's really not so good to have time. Rush, scramble, desperation, this missed, that left behind, those others too big to fit into such a small space-- that's the way life was meant to be. You're supposed to be too late for some things. Don't worry about it."
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                      Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                      People who don't use fullstops. Also, if it's an advice thread, and there are numerous replies, I won't bother replying... I figure they received all the advice they need.


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                        Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                        At times, I tend to leave long replies. I tend to write lengthy posts if I'm starting a thread as well. It never seems like a lot until I post. I try to be clear, and I always feel like I'm not being clear enough. My friends get irritated if I'm telling a story because I explain it in graphic detail!


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                          Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                          Remember, though: concise == clear. Or, as Mark Twain has once said:

                          I'm sorry this letter is so long, but I did not have time to make it shorter.
                          With that out of the way, it only really applies to the OP. I don't care about long replies, and I sometimes go out of my way with a long one myself. I figure, "he's asking for it anyway"


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                            Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                            Long Threads with no breaks between paragraphs. Dont care much about grammar/spelling nless its so bad I cant understand whats being said.

                            If they are a new member and are posting really stupid stuff, like the guys who posted about his huge penis then posted about his tiny penis a few days later.

                            If the poster is asking a question that had been talked about in numerous other threads.

                            If I dont like the poster
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                              Re: What do you consider when replying to a thread?

                              If someone starts a thread containing any number or combination of the following I will reply post haste, usually with some attitude and big words:
                              -stereotypes about women
                              -ridiculous claims
                              -abortion/contraceptive rights
                              -gay rights
                              -blatant aggression
                              -being a dumbass.

                              We really need to whip out the auto-flamer more often. Sometimes that would just make things easier.

                              Oh, and I have a soft spot for people in long distance relationships. I will read a wall of text as long as the Great Wall of China if it is someone floundering in a long distance relationship.
                              "All this has happened before. All this will happen again."