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My fiancé kissed best friends girlfriend

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  • My fiancé kissed best friends girlfriend

    So my fiancé cheated on me with his best friends girlfriend. This girl has been unhappy in her own relationship for a long time and she always complained about him to my fiancé. I knew she wanted my fiancé from the day she laid eyes on him, but I never in a million years thought he would act on it. I felt that there was something wrong in my heart and I confronted him on it a few different times, but he never confessed to me. One day I finally got it out of him because I could see it in his eyes that something was eating him alive. He told me that they snapchatted back and forth for awhile then she wanted him to meet her somewhere to talk about her boyfriend (my fiancé’s best friend) and he said they were talking and she leaned in and he kissed her. He told me the kiss went on for a minute because he got caught up in the moment, then he got a gut wrenching/ wrong feeling and told her he couldn’t do it. She told him she wouldn’t tell anyone and she wanted to continue but he said he realized that he made a huge mistake and nobody compared to me. He also told me they sent half naked pictures to each other once. So to give a little background. I have been dealing with bad anxiety and depression. Our relationship wasn’t good. I was mean to him, I didn’t want him to touch me or talk to me. I just felt numb. He had been dealing with this on and off for 2 years but this time was the worst. He told me he started off this relationship with her because it was just somebody to talk to throughout his day. He told me he didn’t think I wanted him anymore and he was dealing with some demons of his own (late bills, stress, excessive drinking) which he never told me because he didn’t want to add anymore stress to my life. The night he told me everything i left, and he called his now ex best friend and told him everything and apologized. He went to my parents house and apologized to them for hurting me and everyone else In my family. And he was on his knees begging for me to let him show me he deserves another chance. He’s telling me he will NEVER do this again because he never wants to see me in this much pain again. He quit drinking. He tells me he’s going to do everything in his power to make this up to me and get me to trust him again. I do love him more than anything and i really don’t want to leave because i truly believe that this was just a mistake and he loves me very much. I don’t really know if it will work out because i might not ever be able to trust him again. But maybe i will? And maybe this will make our relationship stronger in the long run. Our wedding is cancelled so I’m not committing myself to him yet, i just want to see how things go. I feel like i will regret not trying rather than trying and failing. So I just want an outsiders opinion. An I making the right choice? Has anyone been in a similar situation and made it out stronger? Did the pain go away with time? And did you learn to trust them again?

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    Kkjjaa66 Since the wedding had been cancelled, give him a chance to prove himself to you. However, use your intuition and gut instincts. If you sense something doesn't ring true with him and if you perceive that he is insincere with a discrepancy between his words and actions, dump him because he will hurt you again in the future. You need to have a wait and see period. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Observe his behavior over time. If you see any red flags, you need to drop him like a hot potato.
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