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She flirty texted another guy and kissed him

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  • She flirty texted another guy and kissed him

    so basically my GF of almost 3 years was messaging this guy who also had a GF, they do the same course at uni, im 20, shes 19! but they meet up at library to study and were friends but i never really seen him as a threat! I'll admit i dropped the ball recently with not giving her attention, but i found out recently they were texting last week saying they were developing feelings, he picked her up one night to talk about it, and she says he went in for a kiss and they kissed for 2 seconds but then she freaked out and regretted what she had done! i confronted her about it and she just cried constantly apologizing, saying she didnt mean it, how it was the biggest mistake of her life, but im just struggling to know what to do, like i read the messages and for about 5 days they were saying some heavy stuff! I'm trying to talk to her about it, but she hates talking about it and breaks down almost everytime i mention the texts! I really do love the girl and i know she loves me, like no one would have seen it coming, like over the 3 years shes been the most loyal person to me! i want to forget about it and be with her, but my trust and respect have been shattered! is this unforgiveable or does she deserve another go??

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    She's interested in him. If she breaks down when you talk about it, it's because of her guilt. I think you need to break up with her and let her pursue other interests.
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      she messaged him before i found out about it saying that its not going to happen? thanks for your response


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        She cheated on you once, and felt guilt for the first time. She won't fell any guilt for the secind time. time to dump her
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          Wrong subforum and I'm sick of it. Closing topic.
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