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Why can't I see my post?

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  • Why can't I see my post?

    Hi new members! (and old members who are sticky beaks )

    Welcome to the Relationship Forums.

    You may notice that it takes a bit of time for your post to appear.

    This is because we have problems with spammers, so we moderate new members posts to make sure you're human.This could mean your posts take a few minutes, but sometimes a few hours (depending on staff availability) to appear. Please be patient, unless you're a spammer, it will appear.

    While you wait, I'd like to remind you of a very important rule:

    - Think carefully about what you are posting and how you word it.
    - Do not use real names (however fake names are prefered over "Person A, Person B" etc)

    This way, you won't be disappointed when we tell you that we won't edit or delete your thread/account.

    The members of this forum take the time to reply to your situation, and their advice may help someone who has a similar problem but doesn't want to sign up and ask for themselves. It's not fair on them if we delete their advice just because you decide that you don't like the answers given or you are afraid for your relationship.

    Be vague. We will ask questions if we need more information, think carefully of your replies.

    This is all within the rules you agreed to when you signed up to the site

    Originally posted by The Rules
    Remember: this is a RELATIONSHIP FORUM. If you feel that, at ANY time, you may be posting sensitive information about yourself or others, please do NOT use your regular e-mail handle or a handle that you use at other forums, unless you want it generally known. The staff will NOT delete your threads or posts, and will NOT change your username or delete your account. Use discretion when choosing your username.
    PLEASE use PARAGRAPHS when you post, we’re more likely to read your post.
    For more information on paragraphs please press your enter key whilst typing a post.

    They're = They are (eg, They're not wearing any clothes!)
    Their = Possessive (eg, Check out their boobies!)
    There = locality (eg There is a naked chick in the water)
    Your = Possessive (eg I can see your boobies through that wet t-shirt)
    You're = You are (eg You're getting dressed? Damn...)