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What are the rules again?

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  • What are the rules again?

    In case you forgot them since you registered, here they are again:
    Forum Rules

    Welcome to The Relationship Forums! We're glad you've decided to stop by. At this time, we'll lay down a few house rules that you should follow during your stay here at The Relationship Forums.

    Please search before you make a thread! You never know what you might find when you search, like the answer to your question. We try to keep duplicate threads down as much as possible. If your thread is an obvious duplicate, then we'll close it.

    Please post in the proper forum. Please make sure you read the descriptions of the forum before posting so you can get it in the right place the first time. Otherwise, our moderators would have to do their jobs and move it, and we don't want to do that!

    Be respectful to your fellow members. This should go without saying, but you'd be surprised. Personal attacks on members and especially staff go a long way to ending your membership on The Relationship Forums.

    Keep avatars and signature images clean. If you don't, we'll remove them and prevent you from using avatars and signatures.

    Don't use an anonymous proxy to browse this site. While your IP information is logged when you register and make a post for security reasons, we will not give that information out to any third party, nor will any staff abuse it for their own gain. Using an anonymous proxy is more often than not a sign of trouble. If we should discover a member using an anonymous proxy server, their membership is likely to be terminated immediately.

    Spam stays in General Discussion. If you spam the forums, your posts will be deleted and you'll be banned. Sorry.

    Finally...Staff rules all. When staff makes a decision on a banning or an action taken against a member, it does so with the best interests of the membership of The Relationship Forums in mind. Circumventing a ban is a great way to never come back to this site again.

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    Re: What are the rules again?


    Remember: this is a RELATIONSHIP FORUM. If you feel that, at ANY time, you may be posting sensitive information about yourself or others, please do NOT use your regular e-mail handle or a handle that you use at other forums, unless you want it generally known. The staff will NOT delete your threads or posts, and will NOT change your username or delete your account. Use discretion when choosing your username.
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