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possible pregancy?

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  • possible pregancy?

    is it possible that my fiance might be pregnant? She is on the birth control implant nexplanon and she has the implant in her arm. But like a week ago one of her boobs were hurting. But she also hasnt had her period and it was due in the beginning of the month around the 1st. I was checking her arm for the implant but its nowhere to be found. So im thinking about buying her a pregancy test. But ive checked her arm twice within the past 24 hours and the implant still isnt. But i told her to make a doctors appointment since we cant find it.
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    Is there a reason why you're not taking a pregnancy test, just so you have peace of mind?
    Yes, pregnancy is always possible. No birth control is 100% safe. If she's having sex, she can get pregnant.
    So just find out for sure and take the test already.
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      A woman's boobs will feel sore around the time of her period too. It's not just pregnancy that causes that. Is she under stress at the moment? I imagine you continually prodding at her arm doesn't help. A period can be late for a variety of reasons. Do a test out of the way and take it from there.
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        Ovulation can also cause sore breasts for a couple of days. If her period was due on the 1st, now's a good time for a pregnancy test 7-14 days after a missed period. Young adults often have fluctuating hormones and periods are not always regular in the teens and twenties even if you're a healthy individual (no known issues). General drugstore brand pregnancy tests test for hcg levels in the urine and some pregnancies don't have much hcg built up yet. That can cause false negatives. If she uses a drugstore brand, ask her to follow the instructions and pee on it in the morning as this would usually contain the highest levels of hcg. If she has more questions she can ask her dr for a pregnancy test in clinic. Her dr will likely first do the same urine test and if she misses her period again, he/she might order a blood test as it's a more sensitive test. If your gf is insistent she can ask the dr for the blood test right there and then.

        If you both are not in a rush, I'd personally wait until this coming 1st Feb and see whether she gets her period. It's up to you.


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          When did she get the implant?

          Tender boobs , changes in menstrual cycle are just a couple of many possible side effects of the implant.
          Its more likely she is just having side effects than pregnancy.