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Early morning Habits for good health and success.

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  • Early morning Habits for good health and success.

    Great morning moment is quite magical and productivity comes like magical. Schedule to do list lead to productivity and proactive that should implement in our daily work.

    There has a proverb that early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy. The day you start early with happiness and then your whole day will be productive, proactive and mindful. While wakeup earlier people become productive and proactive, the day ahead can make a plan for next day. It creates energy and mindset.

    Wake up early.

    Drink 500 ml full glass quality water with sliced lemon and mix two spoon honey and drink it. See what happen, it will magically boost your energy in the early morning.

    Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue.

    Dry brushes your body.

    Start a stretching routine.

    Have a coffee

    Have a good smile in the mirror.

    Look at calendar

    Make a To-do list: Every productive expert had to do list in the morning that you have one. Create your ideal morning routine to focus your mind.

    Eat An Awesome Breakfast:

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to boost your energy. Have a delicious breakfast and get a long-lasting energy for your better health.

    Eliminate decision-making tasks in the morning;

    Many successful people get a head start and spend the evening for preparation for the next day to make their easy decision in the early morning to start on important work.

    Move around and hydrate: As we know Health is wealth. When you feel great that means you can handle anything. Many successful people started their morning by doing a few exercise programs such as running, cycling, walking, etc.

    Schedule your day: without a schedule, you could not achieve an important goal.

    Workout plan: five to ten minutes workout exercise makes you more energetic to more work.

    Yoga and meditation:

    Five minutes meditation and five minutes yoga practice give you numerous benefits such as:

    Yoga practice reduces stress and anxiety.

    Improve brain capability

    Enhance focus

    Improve creativity

    Deep breathing practice:

    Make a time frame in each day where you will practice deep breathing.

    While you feel stress you can take a deep breath.

    Inhale slowly through your nose until your lunge is filled to capacity.

    After inhaling as much as possible, hold your breath for full two seconds.

    Slowly exhale, in steady and even manner and then all your negative emotion will go away.

    Take a two-second push

    Repeat this cycle until five minutes.

    Green tea:

    Having green tea has physical and mental benefit, drinking green tea has many detoxifying effects on the body.

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    Said someone who is not a shift worker lol


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      Nadira Chad I agree with you but keep in mind, many people don't have time do do everything you've listed because they have to shuffle out the door to work, school, errands, do chores, tasks, have family commitments, etc. However, I agree that it's important to arrange one's schedule in order to exercise, eat well and take care of one's health daily. There is truth to the sound body sound mind connection.

      Whenever I don't workout daily, I feel very negative and while I'm civil towards family and friends, I could be nicer but something stops me from being too nice due to my not feeling my best physically. I can't speak for everyone but for some reason, whenever I exercise, I become chipper, upbeat, actually HAPPY and my interactions with others tend to be more cheerful, bright, positive and I'm easier to get along with. It's pretty amazing. Whatever it does to the body is gravy. It increases one's self esteem to be toned and I like what I see in the mirror. What exercise does for many is boost one's self confidence, causes one to think with more clarity and reason and for me, it makes me feel more independent and strong. I feel attracted to myself, actually like myself better and the miracle is that I attract others because they sense my security. People love to be with secure people.
      "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."


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        My days are generally very rigid and there's little room for extras but I do multi-task.. a lot. I have taken yoga retreats in Hawaii (Big Island) which were amazing and my yoga teacher has been very good at emphasizing breathing techniques during meditation. At first I was kind of skeptical but really learned later on how important breathing is in any meditation or yoga practice. It's 50/50 whether I eat or skip breakfast as it depends if I've eaten anything the night before. My husband and I are ketogenic. I don't generally have a problem with incorporating exercise as I'm usually on the go or doing a lot. Subconsciously I probably do make mental lists for the next day but I generally work 2-3 weeks ahead. This seems a bit odd probably for most people but I work best with that type of buffer zone and usually work ahead.


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          Originally posted by Maggiemay4791 View Post
          Said someone who is not a shift worker lol
          Indeed. Don't have time for yoga at office.