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Which yoga is good for anxiety?

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  • Which yoga is good for anxiety?

    Yoga practice is the concept of body and mind that combine physical poses and meditation. obviously, Yoga is helpful and it reduces stress, tension, depression, lower blood pressure and reduce heart attack. Anxiety is normal. when you feel under-pressure, nervous, panic and frightened then you may feel your self-anxiety. while women getting pregnant she always scary and frightening her self, it is natural. Overcome your anxiety or panic attack gradually by doing exercise yoga poses and Get some anxiety medicine.

    While yoga practice there have some yoga poses and meditation which reduces your anxiety. Also its helpful for stress relief such follow:

    Following yoga poses and meditation is good for anxiety such as.
    • Triangle pose.
    • Tiger pose.
    • Child Pose.
    • cat and Cow pose.
    • Boat poses.
    • Trikonasana.
    • Vriksasana
    • Crow Pose
    • Athletic pose
    • Zen-Meditation

    Noted: Crow pose and power of yoga athletic pose could be the best on for anxiety and stress relief.

    While practicing yoga, relax your body and mind, take a deep breath and develop a connection with your body and mind, understand how your mind works and release emotional energy. hope you get the point and get best out of it.

    Moreover, get a consultation with a doctor and follow doctor guidance. Hope you will getbenefits from an anxiety disorder.

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    When I'm feeling anxious i can go both ways, pushing myself in a difficult fast class or resting myself in a gentle class. I look to my energy level to make the decision. Either way, yoga always helps me.


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      There are numerous yoga postures that can work miracles on your body and mind. I have selected the top three yoga poses which help me to fight with depression and anxiety.
      1. Balasana
      2. Salamba Sirsasana
      3. Janu Sirsasana
      - Balasana - It allowing you to let all your stress, anxiety and tension to just float away. Whenever you feel work stress getting to you, take a few minutes off and get into the Balasana pose and you will definitely feel rejuvenated at the end of it.
      - Salamba Sirsasana - Inculcating a headstand in your fitness regimen is extremely useful to relieve anxiety and reverses the blood flow - in effect, de-stressing both the brain and heart.
      - Janu Sirsasana - Sit on your yoga mat with one leg stretched out and the other folded. Slowly bend your back and head forward and bring them down, parallel to your stretched leg. Hold the sole of your foot and stay in position for a couple of breaths. It helps relieve depression, anxiety, fatigue, menstrual cramps, and insomnia.