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What's your worst depression?

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  • What's your worst depression?

    I stumbled upon a video about depression, mainly this video --->

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    Loneliness is my worst depression.


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      edgarcortez I get in bouts when it's hard to get along with some members in my family tree who are narcissistic, incredibly rude, obnoxious and cruel yet we're forced together for special occasions, holidays and family reunions several times a year due to residing locally with some of them. What snaps me out of depressive thoughts is working out like crazy at least 4x per week just like clockwork. Once I'm done with my aerobic exercise which is about 1 hr + 20 mins every other day, I feel invincible and at that point, no one can ever make me feel deflated and defeated. It works wonders and a real self-confidence booster. I focus on myself instead of caring for others. I take good care of myself first and foremost because no one will take care of my health but me! Exercising, having lost 35 pounds, looking and feeling great helps me immensely. Also, exercise helps me think logically, reasonably and with utmost clarity. I can't control others but when I switch gears, change and coach my husband to change, we navigate our social engagements with newfound wisdom, strategy, strength and toughness like no other. Exercise is my wonder drug of choice and my healthy high. (No drugs, no alcohol. We're teetotalers here.) I love my endorphin and seratonin fixes! Exercise provides me with high self-esteem and high self-worth. I'm never reverting to how I once was: fat, flabby, dumpy, frumpy and depressed. Now, I'm svelte, healthy and quietly content. There is truth to sound body, sound mind connection. After I took care of my health, I started frequenting the hair salon often, bought myself a new wardrobe, shoes, purses and my former depression went away because instead of taking care of other people, I spent time, energy and money on myself instead.
      "If you bungle raising your children, whatever else you do well in life doesn't matter very much."