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Soo I keep wondering...

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  • Soo I keep wondering...

    I値l cut straight to the chase so I知 22 years old I知 single as can bee and...wait for it yes! I masterbate pretty damn frequently by that I mean that I知 pretty much a habitual masterbater because of my inability to find a girlfriend so basically that means that every time when I wake up with an erection I have to fap and the same goes before I go to sleep therefore in a nutshell I知 doing twice daily this has been going on for a while given that I don稚 really have anybody to talk to about my sexual feelings or to express my desires to I feel like I知 never going to meet anyone to love again...I知 not a virgin btw I used to have a girlfriend 3 years ago back in 2015 but that relationship didn稚 last for too long and I致e been single ever since...currently I go to school and I知 looking for a new my field of study preferably I知 soon to graduate next May 2019...but anyways I do watch a whole lot of pornhub as well cause I said I知 single & I get sexual desires pretty damn strongly but obviously I don稚 act on them because I have nobody also I do not do one night stands, hookups or fwbs given the fact that a few months ago I found that I had contracted chlamydia from a past sexual partner (I know I was stupid for not using a condom I had some flings after breaking up) luckily though I got medical treatment for that and it痴 not an issue anymore I learned my lesson the hard way ALWAYS use a condom! Before I go off on an even longer tangent is there anybody out there who痴 going through something similar i would really prefer to have someone to love as opposed to fapping off & watching porn on a regular basis any advice/help would be appreciated!
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    This is not a dating website. If you're looking at putting yourself out there online, work on a profile and try online dating. You sound like you're either very stupid or very high. If your biggest concern is masturbation, you need a wake up call and a job. The only advice I can give you is get real and get out more.