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Best Place Woman Can Be At Home?

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  • Best Place Woman Can Be At Home?

    An interesting blog that says sometimes for women they really want to be "stay at home moms" and feminism can try to push ideas/wants that all women don't want. What do you all think?

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    I didn't read it but I'll bet my next retirement cheque that it was written by a Republican for Republicans.
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      I think women have the choice to do whatever they want. Some want to stay at home and be mothers, and others want a career. I don't think women are 'forced' to have careers when they don't want them.
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        The very last thing I wanted was to stay at home and be a mom and housekeeper. Now, if I was independently wealthy, I'd have owned a business instead of working for someone so I could possibly spend more time at home or traveling or whatever.
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          I was able to stay at home when my children were very young and I have absolutely NO regrets. I know I was fortunate to be able to watch them grow up. My husband and I are not wealthy and it was a sacrifice to stay home. We never drove new cars nor ate out habitually. We curtailed our childless spending habits. I was lucky that my husband helped me with child rearing, chores, errands and tasks. We made a great team with parenting and running the household. I count my blessings.
          My divorced mom worked 3 jobs 7 days a week while my grandmother took care of my brother and me or I should say she didn't take good care of us at all. I think I turned out ok. I knew that I wanted to stay home with my babies if I could afford it and fortunately, we could swing it on one income until my children were older. I did what was best for MY children and if society thinks differently regarding SAHMs, that's their problem, not mine. I truly feel that my children thrived because I was there for them, they grew up safely because I kept 'eagle eyes' on them, protected them, their father was very involved in their lives and they're mentally stable. They grew up normally in a healthy environment.
          I think women want what they want and I know a lot of women can do it all if they want to succeed in everything. I don't think many women care what society thinks. They do what they want whether it's to remain single, be a mom, a single mom, a working mom, married with children, SAHM, employment whether at home or away, divorce, etc. There are so many choices. They do the best they can and it's all they can do. It's a very individual, personal choice.
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