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    yeah all the cool ppl are 6'2''! MY best friend is, i feel small next to him. Will Smith is lol. Plus u can get greast muscle definition when ure 6'2'' I'm only a messly 6'!


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      why so tall... MEASLY 6', huh? Haha... that must make me a midget or summat (you're the only other person I've met who uses that word!). So you don't think you're toned enough cuz you're lacking two inches? Ee... craziness~
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        how tall r u?

        no what i meant was, i dont like to look completely bulked up - skinny, but musclar (ideally like will smith in independance day )
        but when ure taller, u can have more strength with the same definition, coz obviously eg ure arms are longer, if ya get what i mean


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          i'm 5ft9 or 10, i'd like to be 5ft7 'cos then i could get away with wearing high heels. when wearing high heels now, i feel like everyone is looking at me.

          it's weird 'cos all through primary school i was the tallest, and it's only now, in yr11 (just doing my gcse's) that everyone is catching up. it's really cool 'cos all the lads i know are taller than me!! woohooo! i hate being the tallest

          i like guys that are either the same height as me or a few inches taller but i don't mind that much.


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            so how can i grow another 2 inches then? i really wanna!


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              Try using the rack.

              seriously now, if you're a guy, you've probably still some growing to do. Me, I've been stuck at 4'11" since the seventh grade. So I don't wanna hear your complaining about how you're not tall enough or can't grow. :P
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                i was never tall, but maybe cause my back got screwed up during weight training back in highschool. Realisitically I should be 5'9" but I am only a measly 5'7 1/2" to tall, not to short, but for me I wish I were a little bit taller, I wish I were a baller


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                  well i'd hopr the guy would be taller since i'm only 5' but if i was taller i don't think it owuld matter either my b/f is 6'1 and it's not a problem.
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