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Poetry Archive Maybe you suck at Shakespeare. No matter, you can always try one of our poems to impress your date.

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Unread August 21st, 2003, 12:50 PM   #1
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A normal life is that of an every day person
Be it man, woman, child, or animal
Noramlity is defined as being in a state of being normal
Which in itself is defined as conforming to a standard acceptance
For those that live on the third planet that revolves around the global mass that permiates heat, this is their day to day life

For myself I define it differently. Normality is the same, as it is also there.
To a certain extent.
The time being it has been gone, for some time I'd like to hink.
As I am haunted, neigh, persued by my own inner being
A subconcious of a subconcious
That sends messages in the strangest of ways
And strangest of forms

A star lite lake, on a nations holiday
As the fire erupts in the sky like the quasi explosion of sparks spreads
ATwo people, makle and female
One is myself, the other is unknown, no name, no real destinctive face
Yet there is that distinctive feeling
The one that instinct that is there, and has ben
Submerged in a sea of what is percieved as tranquility
It's buried deep within, locked away, hidden, not to be unleashed for fear of the damage it can do

And then that all ends and the dreaming visiion is over
Theres no more tranquility, just back to lifes normality

Time passes, and the same happens again
The same expierence, the same feeling
So quickly and its over, as if it never happaned

Time has a meaning, as it shows age
And yet it shows, another , of lost chance
Not a chanc you'd want
But a chance of risk
The risk is what brings it all to mind
Its there daily, just a small nagging feeling in the back of your mind
You want to quench it, like a thirst
But there is no magical Gateraid for this
It's got no cure, no fix

Serendipity is defined as a fortunate accident
For this is what happens
I realize what could be, and the possibilities
But it smacks me back into reality and whats real, what I know cannot happen
And that, is what makes everything so dark
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