RIP Therfs

So long, thanks for everything!

Dear visitor to The Relationship Forums.

We closed our virtual doors on 1st April 2019. This decision was based on a few factors... cost, member levels and activity, lack of ability to get advertising on the site to help fund, sites like Reddit... There's just no room for a forum any more.

The site was backed up and archived, and a single copy will be kept with OvershareDude, in a password protected zip file to prevent data leak. I will not be selling the site, the site name, or the forums to anyone. ever. I respect your privacy.

This site was an important part of many peoples journeys and so many lives were touched and changed by the activity on this site.

I'd like to offer a massive, heartfelt thank you, to everyone who has graced the site over the years, members gone and members present and the efforts of staff to keep the site tidy and active. You guys made this site a home for me for nearly 15 years, as well as the others from its inception, approximately 20 years ago.

We wish you all nothing but success and happiness in all your endeavours.

And in parting, listen to your gut, it's usually right!

- OvershareDude